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    You need effective archiving and document storage – and The Storage Team can help.

    We offer storage from just £5.00 + VAT per week.

    We can provide you with everything you need – the storage boxes, the shelves and the space! It really is very simple.

    Call us on 01744 811822 or email us now at to arrange a quote. We can even send a surveyor to quote you at your office to save you the journey to our facility if you wish!

    Benefit from:

    • Manage and maintain your own archive system
    • Convenient, accessible and well lit self storage facility
    • Free unlimited access
    • We’ll give you a better deal on your current storage arrangements and move it here free of charge!

    Call 01744 811 822 or email to arrange a quote now…

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I archive a physical document?

    Archiving is a crucial process in many different industries and refers to the safe storage of documents that are no longer in regular use. Today, a lot of archiving is done digitally, however traditional archiving of physical documentation is still incredibly popular. But how is it done?

    Archiving, although of paramount importance, is actually pretty straightforward and easy when you have a structured setup in place. Here at The Storage Team, we supply everything you could need to safely archive important documents, from the necessary storage boxes to the shelving and space needed for them. From here you can come and access your archived documentation as and when you need to.

    It really is as simple as that, and with prices starting from just £5 + VAT per week, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more secure and affordable way of archiving your documents than with us!
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    What are the different ways of archiving information?

    Archiving can be done in a number of different ways, and often companies will opt for the one that is best suited and most convenient for their business. Some of the most popular ways of handling archived information include:

    • On-site document archiving – many businesses have their own dedicated storage space for archived documentation. Sometimes they may choose a storage facility like ours for surplus document archiving, or they may opt to store the whole lot on-site. Although great for peace of mind, document archiving on your own premises can consume a lot of space and ensures that a proper archiving system must be in place and known by all to work.

    • Off-site document archiving – many companies opt to use an archiving or storage company who can not only offer their skills and expertise, but can also provide around the clock security and a service which means you don’t have to maintain your documentation yourself.

    • Digital document archiving – if your business produces huge amounts of paperwork, or you find that old paperwork needs revisiting regularly, you may opt for digital archiving. This process has many benefits but is also much more costly and time consuming to get started with.
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    How do I start archiving?

    If you’re new to archiving it can be a pretty daunting task to face. The good news is that by following this simple step-by-step guide, you can begin archiving your documentation safely in no time.

    1. Remove any unnecessary files – duplicate papers or documents which do not need to be kept should be purged. This will make the process more streamlined later on.

    2. Date order – the dates of archived documents are incredibly important. All archival documents have ‘shelf lives’ and so you must ensure you are retaining documents properly and legally. You should contact a records management partner for your sector for specific expert advice.

    3. Obtain appropriate storage space – archived documentation must be stored safely as to ensure it cannot easily be accessed by unauthorised people. Physical documentation is of course more vulnerable to damages and so should be kept in appropriate storage boxes, and in a secure facility.

    4. Easily accessible to authorised personnel – whilst it is important that your documentation is safe from unauthorised access, you need to be able to access them as and when required. Here at The Storage Team, you get unlimited access to archived documentation stored with us.

    To find out more about getting started with The Storage Team, simply contact us today!
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    P Bradshaw

    Having been a customer of The Storage Team for several years, I can’t recommend them highly enough. Being new to self storage, I did not know what to expect when I embarked upon visiting them in my role as Equipment and Resources Co-Ordinator. However, I was delighted with the whole facility. Availability to the unit is totally flexible and obtainable whenever I have needed access, and the security of both goods and visitors to the unit ensures that I have always felt secure in what might otherwise be considered an isolated area. The Management of the complex is ‘second to none’ and the professional attitude of the whole business is beyond compare. The Team are the epitome of good management, and no problem is too great or small for them to deal with. I hope that The Storage Team goes from ‘strength to strength’ and continues in it’s future developments to offer a first class, all embracing storage, removal and total business needs led service. P Bradshaw, SureStart, St Helens

    Mike Hislop

    I have used self storage on a few occasions now whilst relocating between jobs and houses. Self storage at The Storage Team has been perfect, as I have been free to come and go as required, with exceptionally friendly staff to help and advise as required. Other storage companies were considered but eventually rejected based on their lack of facilities, access, cost and overall customer focus. I would definitely recommend potential customers to use The Storage Team facilities. Mike Hislop, St Helens

    MAC Tools

    I have been a customer of The Storage Team for 3 1Ž2 years, and would highly recommend them to friends, family and other businesses. The main reasons I think The Storage Team excel in their field are due to:
    • I can have goods delivered to the facilty and not have to worry about missing deliveries or losing working hours waiting for parcels. The staff will then put my equipment into my room safely and securely.
    • I have saved money having my equipment based in one place instead of travelling all over to collect items.
    • The customer service is excellent and the staff cannot do enough for you.
    • I have had stolen £40,000 worth of tools and equipment from a unit I previously rented. Since moving to The Storage Team, I have not had a single problem, and I am confident that my goods are safe and very secure in my room.
    • The facility and grounds are always kept clean and tidy.
    S Lyon, MAC Tools, Warrington



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