To say the weather in the UK is unpredictable would be an understatement. The drastic change in seasons usually means a refresh of outfits, but where do you store the rest of your clothes when you don’t need them?

Clothes storage units are perfect for when you want to maximise space in your home without sacrificing your favourite outfits.

A change of season isn’t the only reason for storing clothes.

Do you have an overcrowded wardrobe? Is your shopping addiction weighing down your flat-pack chest of drawers? Or do you simply want to streamline your home?

Whatever the reason, long term clothing storage is the ideal option if you don’t have the storage, but don’t fancy throwing out your favourite bikini or Christmas jumper simply because you don’t have the wardrobe space.

Here are our top tips on storing clothes.

Get organised for long term clothing storage

If you’re planning on storing your clothes somewhere other than your wardrobe, it’s a good chance to get organised. After all, there’s no point storing clothes you don’t like at a clothes storage unit.

Although it may be difficult, it could be time to part with that pair of jeans you swear you’ll fit into next year or sell those uncomfortable shoes that look better than they feel.

Go through every item of your wardrobe and try things on if you can before sorting it all into three piles: keep, give away/sell, and bin.

Try to be ruthless – but make sure you don’t leave yourself with no clothes!
Repair broken items before storing clothes

If anything you want to keep has a missing button or small tear, make sure to repair it before storing.

You’ll be doing your future self a favour if you make sure everything is in working order and ready to wear before hiding it away in a clothes storage unit.

Wash everything before using long term clothing storage

There’s no point cleaning all your clothes if you’re just going to put them in a box in a storage unit for clothes, right?


It may not initially sound like a logical step, but the more dust and dirt left on each item, the more likely bacteria will build up over time. If you store your clothes with perfume and deodorant still on them, you’re likely to be welcomed with irreversible stains.

So, make sure you wash each item you’ll be storing, and leave them to dry completely before boxing them up.

Don’t forget about your shoes when storing clothes

To maintain the look and feel of your shoes, we recommend cleaning and polishing each pair you’re sending to a clothing storage unit.

To protect other items, make sure to keep any shoes rubbed with oil and polish away from everything else in a separate box.

Preserving the shape of shoes is often something people worry about with long term clothing storage, but it’s easy! All you need to do is stuff them with clean tissue paper or kitchen roll.

For larger boots, you can buy boot shapers, or make your own with stiff cardboard. Simply cut a piece to fit the vamp (the bit that goes over the top of your foot/where the laces are), and a larger tube shape for the shaft (the section that covers your ankle and calf).

Again, you can stuff them with tissue paper for extra support.
How to pack for long term clothing storage

Probably the most important step in clothes storage is the actual packing.

Packing your clothes correctly can maximise storage in your unit, as well as making sure they’re in good condition when you come back to pick them up.

We recommend using air-tight plastic boxes instead. This will keep your clothes protected from moisture when moving them into your unit, which causes mould and mildew. They’ll also prevent damage to the natural fibres in your clothes, ensuring they look the same when you pick them up as they did when you dropped them off.

Here are some packing tips when using a clothes storage unit:

  1. Don’t bother ironing – they’ll only get creased when you pack them away, anyway.
  2. If certain items need to be hung rather than folded, invest in a storage box that has a clothing rail from the reception desk at The Storage Team.
  3. Place heavier items in a suitcase first, followed by lighter, more delicate items on top.
  4. By rolling your clothes rather than folding, you can fit more in each box.
  5. Try not to overstuff each box. This can be more trouble than it’s worth, and lead to misshapen items of clothing.

For long boots, lie them flat if no boot shapers are used – otherwise, gravity will take its course and create creasing and wrinkles throughout the shoe.

Choose the right storage location for storing clothes

Did you know there are storage units for clothes?

It’s important you store clothes in a reliably clean and dry environment. If space is an issue in your home, and your loft is already overcrowded, a clothes storage unit is one of the best ways to store clothes.

Not only is it a handy option, but it also means you can count on your clothes and shoes not being lost or damaged.
Contact The Storage Team for a clothing storage unit

We offer a wide range of domestic storage units here at The Storage Team, which are perfect for long term clothing storage.

Our flexible and affordable contracts mean you can use our storage units as and when you need to – you’re never tied down to fixed terms or payments with us.

We pride ourselves on our high security measures and customer benefits, making storage as fuss-free as possible.

To find out more, contact us today.

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