From business stock to archiving: Why your business needs a storage unit.

When it comes to business space and storage, it can be difficult to find the best value for money. For many companies – small and large – having a business storage unit helps manage both day-to-day tasks and larger-scale projects.

Here at The Storage Team, we don’t charge business rates, utility or maintenance fees, and promise a cost-effective solution to your business storage needs.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of business storage units.

What is business storage?

Business storage is a great resource for each and every type of business. You can either run your business from a unit, use it as a storage space or rely on it when you need the extra space.

Here at The Storage Team, we have:

These can be used in conjunction with one another or separately as and when your business dictates.

How storage units can help maximise your space

The beauty of the flexible contracts available here at The Storage Team is that you can use a business storage unit as and when you need it.

Many businesses use pallet storage or office space during busy periods like Christmas, to reduce clutter build-up in the main warehouse. While small businesses often use our office spaces and virtual addresses to maintain a professional image.

If you’re redecorating or relocating, you can use our flexible office space or business storage units to work from during the renovation period. This way, business doesn’t have to stop, and you can carry on as usual.

Stay organised with a business storage unit

Maintaining a high level of organisation is vital when you’re running a business – it ensures everything is in its place and on hand when you need it. This includes keeping paperwork in order and making stock take easy.

Business storage simply means you know where everything is at all times, no matter how busy you are.

Business storage can help protect your assets

With legal paperwork like contracts, there are certain retention dates that you must abide by. If you don’t have space in your current office to store old documents, a storage unit is the perfect solution.

Our highly secure units mean you can relax knowing each and every document you need to store is away from prying eyes while meeting legal requirements.

Streamline the working day with a storage unit

An office can be a busy place. With a team of staff who have different jobs and to-do lists, there can be lots going on.

If your team has grown a lot quicker than you thought and is now struggling for space, why not consider a business storage unit? It’s affordable, reliable and yours for as long as you need it.

How to choose the right business storage unit for you

When looking for business storage units, it’s important to find the right one for you to cater to your specific requirements.

At The Storage Team, we offer flexible contracts, competitive prices and a range of secure units you can trust.

To find out more, don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re more than happy to help and can recommend the most suitable option for your needs.