Storage is necessary for most people at some point, particularly when moving home or for other big life events like travelling or home remodelling. Here at The Storage Team in St Helens we believe in reducing the cost of storage as much as possible to give you a helping hand in these times of need. So, if you’re looking for a cheap personal storage facility in St Helens there’s only one place you need to visit. The Storage Team offer secure storage units in various sizes at affordable prices, and with our current promotions you can cut the cost even further!

Storage Special Offers

Free van hire

Moving house can be costly so every little helps. If you’re storing your belongings in one of our storage units of 100 sq ft or more for a minimum of 8 weeks, our sister company, The Removal Team will help you move with free van hire! This means there’s one less cost to worry about and the guarantee of having your goods delivered in one piece.

25% off removals

We don’t just stop at free van hire when it comes to removals as our partnership with The Removal Team makes moving and storing goods so much easier and more affordable. By storing your goods with us, you can receive 25% off the price of removals. Our removal service is secure enough to ensure that expensive goods reach our storage units completely intact. We will also give you £100,000 of goods in transit cover for free!

Free boxes

As we mentioned before it’s the little savings that can end up making a huge difference to the total cost of moving. We have strong and durable boxes that will keep your goods in one piece and we’re giving £14.95 worth of boxes away for free. All you have to do is make an appointment to view our rooms and you’ll receive your five free boxes, it’s as simple as that!

If you’re already planning on buying boxes to package and protect your storage items, you can still benefit from our special offers, receiving five free boxes when you order ten. These free boxes will come in handy when it comes to packing, moving and storing your belongings in one of our storage units.

Up to 15% discount for pre-payment

Our prices are exceptionally cheap, starting from as little as £5.00+VAT weekly and we offer flexible payment options. If you’re able to pre-pay for your storage unit, you’ll be benefit from up to 15% off the price, a reward that means you won’t have to worry about making your weekly payments and you’ll be saving money!

Be quick, book our cheap personal storage today!

We have storage units available in various sizes from 10sqft to 300sqft and with our huge savings they’re in popular demand so be sure to book yours as soon as possible. There’s nowhere better in St Helens for storage even without our special offers. Pop in and visit our storage units today to take advantage of our current promotions, simply call 01744 811 822 to book.

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