So you’ve finally got around to clearing out the unsightly spare room in your home, but what do you do with all of your keepsake possessions and this extra space? Here at The Storage Team St Helens we have the perfect personal storage units to free up space in your home and gain a useful, functioning spare room in the process. If you’re looking to expand your home with an extension or a conservatory, we suggest you consider how the #1 St Helens storage company could help you create space in your home first, without the disruption of building work and large bills!

We recommend you put time and energy into clearing out your rooms and think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how much space you have in your home. Whether it’s your loft, spare room or garage that you’re emptying, you can store the contents that have prevented you from making use of these rooms with us. In our personal storage units we can store anything from garden furniture, sports equipment, clothes or anything else that is taking up your space.

Our storage rooms are priced from as little as £5.00+VAT a week which would save you a significant amount of money in comparison to building work. Now that you have a place to store your belongings, let us help you figure out how best to make use of your extra space. Here is some useful spare room inspiration…

At Home Office Space

If you’re a workaholic, then having a space at home to work is important. Bringing your work into the communal areas or places that you relax and wind down is not a good idea. Keep your work separate from the rest of the home by having your own office space in your new found spare room. Having your laptop and papers cluttering your dining room and living room is disorganised and will stop you from being productive. Having a whole room for your computer and files will allow you to get on with work without any disruptions from the rest of the home.

Play Area

Before you had any extra space in your home, all of your lovely furnished rooms were no doubt overtaken by your children’s toys. This can be chaotic and you probably felt that no matter how much you tidied there was no end to the cuddly toys and train tracks that mounted up in your home.

We understand that children love to play and their mucky hands can often make their way onto your lovely clean furniture and walls. Having a space for your children to play is great for both your children and you. They have free rein to play as much as they want and be messy, as with just a close of the door the chaotic mess has vanished!

Personal Gym

Save money from the cost of gym memberships by creating your own workout area in your spare room. You’re more likely to get fit if your gym is in the comfort of your own home and, by storing your possessions with us, you’ll have more room to fit in large gym equipment. A spare room is a great place to fulfil your hobbies, whether that’s the gym, painting, writing, music or whatever else interests you, you now have the space to bring your passion into your home.

A Place to Entertain Guests

31852132 – soft ivory bar room with built in the wall aquarium. wooden cabinet with shiny black counter top

If you are still stuck for ideas on what to do with your extra space, then we suggest creating a space that is about winding down and having fun with your friends and family. Install a jukebox and minibar and you’ve got yourself a very cheap but fun night out (or should we say night in)!

Use St Helens Storage To Free Up Space in Your Home

The possibilities of what you can do with a spare room are endless. It can add value to your home and make home life more enjoyable and stress free. Use our personal storage service to free up this space in your home and make best use of the space you have!

Our storage units are cheap and secure so why not give us a try? Give us a call today on 01744 811 822 to rent a storage room from the #1 St Helens storage facility.

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