Spring is the season when we sort out the chaos that has built up in our homes over the winter season and make room for a fresh and airy home just in time for summer. The warmer weather motivates us to give our homes that long overdue thorough clear out of unnecessary items that are taking up too much space. You could easily be doing so much more with this space that will add something useful to your life rather than clogging up your rooms with junk. So, get prepped and motivated to begin the mammoth task of spring cleaning your home and read on to find out how The Storage Team’s small storage units can help with your spring cleaning.

Leave winter behind

During the winter we typically spend more time inside our homes and accumulate a lot of items. The cold weather forces us to hibernate and take up hobbies indoors so you may have a lot of gym equipment or sports equipment in your house, but now that the weather is warmer you can venture outside to the gym. Large gym equipment takes up far too much space in your home so why not store it all in one of our small storage units? Our range of small rooms (from 10sqft to 50sqft) are perfect for gym equipment and can be accessed at any time!

If you’re a shopaholic you may have a shed load of winter clothes that are spilling out beyond your wardrobe, leaving no room for your new summer clothes. Storage units are the most simple and effective solution to this problem. Let The Storage Team in St Helens take care of your treasured knitted jumpers and scarves for the time being so you can make room for your summer purchases.

Whether it’s hobby equipment, winter clothes or you simply want to clear out the items which have gathered in your home for many years, The Storage Team in St Helens is the ideal place to securely store your belongings and add space in your home. Our small storage units can act as an extension to your house, letting you clear some much needed space in your home.

Start Afresh With Our Small Storage Units In St Helens

Our storage units are the answer to your spring cleaning prayers. You’ve completed the tiresome task of cleaning your house from top to bottom and gotten all of your unwanted belongings into plastic bags, but where do you go from there? For just £5.00+VAT a week, store these belongings safely in our storage units for as long as you like. Call our team in St Helens today on 01744 811 822 to book your small storage unit.

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