Kevin Grey is the owner of North West Guitars, the second largest guitar parts supplier in the UK. After establishing his enterprise and running it for five years, earlier this year he was looking at expanding the business from working at home to finding a more substantial property to operate from.

After looking at retail and business parks and finding those options too expensive, Kevin heard about self storage. It was an option new to him: with minimal overheads and minimal stress, running his successful venture from a unit with lighting, power and a phone line was the perfect solution. With a quick Google search he found The Storage Team and after an appointment with Leanne, he was sold.

“I was looking for a unit as I was working from home at the time and we were getting a little bit too big for that,” Kevin stated. “So I really needed to find somewhere else.”

“I looked at retail and business parks but they were very expensive. Somebody recommended trying a self storage place so I Googled it and The Storage Team

“It’s very close to where I live, so in that respect it was ideal. The price was one of the main selling points for me too- the fact that it was an all inclusive package with no business rates to worry about. I didn’t have to worry about separate bills like lighting, power, water and internet. Everything is in the one price. We’ve been here for about 9 months now and we’re really happy.”

The Storage Team make it really easy for business customers looking to rent a unit to use it as their operations hub with a plethora of benefits: a goods receipt and despatch service, free wifi, free use of the forklift truck, free refreshments and use of the meeting room are all desirable features that helped Kevin make his decision. After a successful nine month period working from the facility, North West Guitars are only too happy to stay for the foreseeable.

“I can definitely see myself staying with The Storage Team for the future. The good thing is we are constantly evolving and growing as a business but there’s always the opportunity here to move into bigger units as the business requires it.

“The concept itself is very easy to get your head around as a business owner. You’re not worrying about a multitude of bills. You’ve also got the security of being in another unit that is managed by somebody else too, so it takes away the worry of being a standalone proprietor.

“I would definitely recommend The Storage Team. It’s really handy too that their staff take care of other aspects of the business for you, like receiving your mail. As a business customer, everything I can think of is taken care of. It really is an excellent option that many people wouldn’t even think about and I’m very happy.”

Thanks to Kevin & Mike for their time & feedback.

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