We specialise in self storage, that’s why we’re called The Storage Team. Our approach to self storage has been proven to work, and feedback from our St Helens customers shows that our service is appreciated.

However, we thought we could offer more to St Helens which is why we’ve expanded our range of services to include virtual offices.

‘What is a virtual office and why would I need one?’ I hear you ask… We’re here to explain just that!

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is essentially a combination of a physical address and a mailbox. Virtual offices can be located in dedicated buildings which can house hundreds of businesses or, as is the case with The Storage Team, as an additional service.

Some virtual offices come bundled with additional features, like the use of third party receptionists or free access to meeting rooms, while others are kept simply as an address and mail destination.

A fee is payable for the use of a virtual office mailbox but the cost is negligible compared to the overheads involved in renting a physical office location. They normally don’t necessitate signing a lease, but some providers will require a minimum stay contract.

What are the benefits?

Virtual offices offer a range of different benefits that vary in importance depending on the size of the business using them.

For small businesses that may be operating out of a personal address, they provide a professional address to give to customers or clients. This can make a huge difference in how businesses are perceived by the public and can save the embarrassment of having to hand out a home address to leads.

They can also improve sales and conversion rates, as people are generally more likely to want to deal with a business that’s established enough to have an office location, rather than one operating out of a home office.

Larger national businesses can also benefit from virtual offices in a number of ways. The most immediate of these is the opportunity to expand a business into a new region of the country without setting up a permanent office location. A virtual address can be tied to a regional online presence and help companies to build their reputation in new markets before making the leap fully.

The fact of the matter is – it doesn’t always make sense to operate out of a physical office, with all of the overheads that involves. Virtual offices, however, are a great first step towards physical expansion and can work wonders on validating a business regionally.

So why should I get a virtual office with The Storage Team?

We’ve proved our ability to deliver an excellent self storage service, and we think that we’ve built a great reputation in St Helens. Our virtual offices will be run with the same efficiency, care, and trustworthiness as our storage units, meaning you already know what level of service you’ll be getting.

If you’re a national business looking to expand into the North West, you can also make use of our self storage rooms in place of a warehouse!

On top of that, our virtual offices are cheap! For just £7+VAT* per week, you can have your very own virtual address and mailbox. If you need more space for bigger packages to be delivered, a large mailbox will suit you perfectly for just £7.50+VAT a week.

Virtual Offices St Helens

Hopefully you now understand the value of having a virtual office with The Storage Team in St Helens.

If you’re a small or large business looking to build your business in the area, get in touch with us today through our online form or by calling 01744 811 822 to find out more and book your virtual office.

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