Ebaying is a fantastic way to make use of your old and unwanted possessions. It can be used casually to sell the odd item here and there or you can create your own online business. Whichever way you use eBay, The Storage Team can be used as a place to store your items while they’re in the selling process. If you’re a serious eBayer who wants to excel your online business, then we have many services that could help you achieve this. We also have lots of tips and tricks to give your eBay business a professional image and make it a success. From eBay storage to packaging materials and mailing services, we can be your place of distribution whilst you sit back, relax and gain from your profits.

Ebay Storage St Helens

Storing your eBay items at home will inevitably lead to them ending up missing or damaged as they are caught up in your everyday home life. If this happens and your missing or damaged item is sold this can not only be disappointing for the buyer, it is also unprofessional on your part and can lead to negative reviews which will impact your eBay business. Storing your items in a secure and safe storage unit means you will have peace of mind that your items are always ready to be sold. With just one simple payment of £5.00+VAT a week we will provide you with a clean and secure place to store your items.

Professional Mailing Address

Your postal address can say a lot about your business. If it’s a home address, this can make your business look unprofessional. By storing your stock at The Storage Team you have a mailing address which advertises your online business as bigger and more professional than it may be. As well as this, with a mailbox at The Storage Team we’ll receive mail on your behalf so you can focus on what’s important for your business.

We are not just about storing your stock, we are about helping you to manage a successful online business. Even down to to the little things such as packaging which can make a big difference to how your online business is presented. We provide durable packaging so your items are guaranteed to arrive to your customers in pristine condition. If you buy 10 boxes we will give you 5 boxes for free!

Manage your eBay business with the help of The Storage Team St Helens

By taking advantage of all that eBay storage at The Storage Team has to offer, you can put more focus on promoting and securing sales for your business. We free up your time, space and money so you can focus on making your business a success. If this sounds like just what your online business needs then do not hesitate to get in touch today by calling us on 01744 811 822.

We’re here to help your business as much as possible so just by booking a viewing of one of our storage units, you’ll get five free packing boxes, so why not give us a try? Pop in and see for yourself exactly how beneficial The Storage Team in St Helens could be for you.

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