When moving house you will feel a mixture of emotions like joy, excitement, and no doubt stress! It’s an exciting time starting a new adventure in your new home but you somehow have to figure out a way off getting all of your belongings into your new house.

If you are like most people, you probably have tonnes and tonnes of belongings that you’ve amassed over the years and it’s only when you come to moving house that you come face to face with this reality.

You may even be a hoarder, finding it difficult to part ways with your treasured belongings so in need of a place to store them. This is where we can help. The Storage Team provides some of the best personal storage St Helens can offer, taking the stress out of moving house by dealing with everything from packaging and removals to storage itself.

Personal Storage St Helens

Getting your possessions from one house to another is one thing, but finding a place to put them is another matter entirely. You will be just getting to know your new home and probably haven’t found space yet. While you’re decorating and settling into your new home, why not store your belongings in our safe and easily accessible storage units.

Moving house is a fresh start so begin as you mean to go on. Keep your home clutter free using our personal storage service. Our service is great if you have garden furniture that is not used regularly and needs to be stored temporarily. Once the sun is shining you can visit our storage rooms and bring out your trusty garden table set.

Our storage rooms are safe and secure and our long opening times allow you to access them whenever you like for free!

Removals St Helens

Personal Storage - The Storage Team

We not only help you store your possessions we also help you move them from one house to another or to our storage rooms with our fantastic removal service. No matter the size of your house or possessions, The Removal Team can help.

The Removal Team put care into making sure your items are returned to you in one piece. Let us do the hard work while you sit back and relax in your new home, with your back and sanity in one piece!

The Removal Team has a fantastic offer on at the moment which is sure to make moving house even easier.

Packaging St Helens

Since you are storing and removing your possessions with The Storage Team, why not let us provide you with packaging materials too? We have everything you need to pack your belongings including different sized boxes, moving packs, and bubble wrap. All of our boxes are strong and durable to ensure your belongings are not damaged.

Stress-free moving with The Storage Team

We are professionals and experts in all things storage and removal so it makes sense to let us deal with everything so you can move house with ease. There is no need to do any of this yourself as our amazing offers make it worthwhile. Anything that makes the process stress-free is always worthwhile in our eyes!

If you are due to move house then don’t hesitate to get in touch with The Storage Team to take advantage of some of the best (and cheapest!) personal storage St Helens can offer. Call us today on 01744 811 822 to begin your move.

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