Most people using a self storage company are storing personal items while they’re moving house, living away from home, or having a clear out. However, with the rise of small online businesses operating out of homes or tiny offices, commercial storage has increased in volume and importance.

Commercial storage is hugely useful for a variety of business types. ECommerce and eBay selling companies can use storage units as compact warehouses, tradesmen can store all of their equipment and tools, and storage units make excellent archives for paperwork.

If you’re interested in commercial storage near you, it’s important to make sure you’re going to end up choosing the right option. We’re here to help you understand what factors you should be considering when looking for commercial storage!

The Right Size

The first thing you’ll want to get a handle on is how large of a storage unit you’ll need. Most self storage facilities will offer a range of options on this front but make sure the company you’re choosing has the exact right room for you.

You can use this table as a rough guide for the capacity of rooms from 10sqft to 300sqft:

Room size (square feet)Ideal for the contents ofApproximate medium box capacity
10One small car20
25One small van50
35Bedsit/studio flat70
501 bed flat100
751 bed house150
1002 bed house/flat200
1253 bed house/flat250
1504 bed house300
2005 bed house400
3006 bed house600

Ultimate Convenience

Convenience is a huge deal in the 21st century, and this carries over to commercial storage too. Before settling on a storage facility, make sure to check that it is located conveniently for you, equipped with power if you need it, and find out what other services you can benefit from.

Some facilities, including The Storage Team in St Helens, also contain virtual offices and mailboxes which can help you to make your business look more professional and collect deliveries for you.

Tight Security

A key factor in commercial storage is the security of the unit and facility you choose. As you may be storing expensive products or equipment in your storage unit, making sure that it’s as secure as possible is essential.

Useful security features to keep an eye out for include the availability of quality padlocks, alarmed rooms, and CCTV. All of these are extra layers of safety that will avoid you and your business sustaining losses.

Reasonably Priced

Although all of the above factors are important, if they come with an extortionate price tag they’re probably not worth it. Good prices are essential for commercial storage even more so than for personal storage as high overheads can cancel out the value of using self storage in the first place.

Compare the prices of a range of locations and see which one provides the best value for money. Also keep an eye out for deals at storage facilities near you and try to capitalise on those to bring down prices even further.

Choosing Commercial Storage Made Easy

Keep these four tips in mind when you’re searching for a commercial storage company and you’ll be sure to find the right facility for you.

If you’re looking for a commercial storage company in St Helens, you might have already found your perfect fit! At The Storage Team, we pride ourselves on providing excellent room choices, security, and convenience for the businesses that choose to store with us.

Find out more about how The Storage Team can simplify your commercial storage experience by exploring our website or give us a call on 01744 811 822.

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